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The School campus is spread over 35 acres amongst a coffee estate, fruit trees, pepper vines and has a river running through it. It is set within the 100 acre grounds of the Centre for Learning, Organic Agriculture and Appropriate Technology (CLOAAT) which is entirely self-sufficient in energy and practices, as much as possible, living sustainably and in harmony with its natural environment. The climate at 3,800 feet altitude is pleasant and cool all year round. Just 2 kms away from the campus is virgin rainforest, where there are common sightings of Elephants, Gaur and other Wild Animals.

Sholai School follows an alternative approach to Education, inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. This involves a focus on creating an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to enjoy learning and to grow to be mature and sensitive individuals.  Including practical subjects such as Organic Farming, Woodwork and Engineering, as well as subjects that focus on emotional growth, such as Drama and Yoga, in the timetable help enable us to create a more holistic approach to Education.  

Moreover our use of Appropriate Technologies (Solar, Micro-hydro and Bio-gas), water harvesting practices and the Organic farm provide the students with an opportunity to research, reflect, and study. Moreover, since the students are involved in the use and maintenance of these Technologies, they become adept in understanding them. They are also testimony to Sholai School’s commitment to integrating and balancing Educational and Environmental concerns.

Some highlights of the school are-

  • 100 acre campus situated in beautiful natural surroundings close to the Reserve Forest.
  • We are a Centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations (IN 499) doing IGCSE ('O' levels) and 'A' levels.
  • Our students, ranging in age from 3 to19 years, come from all over India (Kanyakumari to Ladakh) and from abroad.
  • Quality residential facilities for students aged 7-19 years.
  • Inspired by J. Krishnamurti. Hence we emphasise self-awareness and good relationships between teachers and students.
  • A Student to Teacher ratio 6:1.
  • 18 kms from Kodaikanal.

Fun on the farm

Learning naturally (Students at the organic farm)