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Recently a prospective parent enquired about the vegetarian food at Sholai. This was our reply: Our menu for Breakfast is:

  Monday   Idlis with Chutney* & Sambar*. Oats Porridge.
  Tuesday   Dosai with Chutney & Sambar.
  Wednesday   Pongal, Uppuma, Chutney & Sambar.
  Thursday   Ragi Dosai, Or Kambu Dosai (Millets). Chutney & Sambar.
  Friday   Bread, Omelette, Homemade Peanut Butter, Bananas. Oats Porridge, Milk.
  Saturday   Masala Puri, Or Plain Puri Or Chappatti with Channa Curry Or Green Peas Curry.
  Sunday   Masala Dosai with Chutney & Sambar Or Appam with Black Channa Curry &
  Chutney Or Coconut Milk.

*The ingredients of the Chutneys and Sambar are intentionally varied from day to day. In as far as possible we serve fresh Organic food. Lunch and dinner have equally diverse menus or more so.