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CLOAAT’s Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Low Carbon dioxide Credentials

Sholai School, Centre for Learning, Organic Agriculture and Appropriate Technology (CLOAAT) is located in a beautiful sylvan valley of the Palani Hills at an altitude of 1148 metres, where Elephant, Bison, 133 species of birds and many other wild animals are to be found nearby. Out of a love for Nature we have by intent no connection to the Tamil Nadu electricity grid. Instead, over 28 years we have researched and developed various state-of-the-art Appropriate Technologies to provide all our energy needs.

At CLOAAT there are:

  • 89 Solar Photo-voltaic electric panels
  • A Micro-hydro electric plant
  • 8 Biogas plants
  • 9 Biomass efficient smokeless "Rocket" stoves
    and hot water heaters
  • 6 Solar hot water heaters

The Model Green School Award

These technologies provide year-round electricity and energy to all the buildings in the campus, for lighting, for cooking, for powering kitchen mixies and wet grinders, 20 computers, TVs and allied educational equipment, a planing machine, a pillar drill and other workshop equipment, etc.

CLOAAT has received a number of awards, most notably "The Model Green School Award" from the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. CLOAAT is also a certified Organic Farm of 30 years standing, where we grow coffee, pepper, fruit trees and assorted vegetables.

What Can I Do about Global Warming?

Solar Panels (Appropriate Technology)

Solar Photo-voltaic electric panels (Appropriate Technology)