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How to join Sholai as a Student

This is the procedure:

1. Download the Student application form (form download link).
[Note: In certain browsers, you might need to right click the download link and save the form.]

2. You and your daughter/son needs to fill in the attached Application Forms (Student) and send them to us. Please note that the child/student needs to write the two essays stated in the application form. Later we will give him/her a Mathematics test. These simple tests are designed to give us some feedback. Parents need to send a copy of his/her birth certificate, a passport-sized photo and a copy of the child's previous school report (4 pages only).

3. Email Sholai School, informing us when you would like to visit. Avoid Saturdays and Sundays. If overnight accommodation is required, you may stay overnight on campus for Rs.1500 for a family (maximum 4 persons) plus Rs.300 for 3 meals per person. On request you may bring 2 more adults.

4. Await confirmation of the dates and your time of arrival. Clarify if you wish to stay overnight. If in doubt contact the Admissions Secretary on: 7868901665.

5. On arrival, you will be given a tour of the campus by two students, who will be ready to explain and answer questions.

6. You have an opportunity to meet the teachers and the Principal.

7. If the Application Form (Student) is acceptable to the School, arrangements are made for your child to be at Sholai for a TRIAL PERIOD of one month.

8. Please note Sholai School is not a "Special School". We are ready to take a few children having behavioral or learning difficulties as long as we discern that they will be able to surmount those difficulties within a reasonable time. Parents must be frank about any issues in this regard. Sholai School is inspired by the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti (JK). Parents are advised to read one or more books authored by JK.

9. We do not inflict physical punishment on children. Children who have received physical punishment at the hands of their parents or teachers in their previous schools, will be emotionally disturbed and may not be able to adjust to our ethos. If your child has received physical punishment, do inform us about it.