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Teaching at Sholai

We are looking for teachers interested in educating young minds through the use of creative teaching methods to bring about joy for learning from within the child. This involves an approach where the teacher does not assume a position of authority but responsibility for learning is shared with the students. It is only when the child sees his own responsibility in his learning, that education becomes meaningful. A teacher who has a passionate interest in his/her subject and is able to convey this passion to his/her students will fit in well at Sholai.

Teaching at Sholai involves living in a small community, this has its joys but also its challenges. Facing these challenges involves being ready to look at oneself. Being part of the community means living and eating together with the students, sharing spaces and resources beyond the classroom, as well as contributing to other aspects of life here, such as farming/woodwork/engineering etc. There is room for flexibility and individual expression at CLOAAT, but there is also a need for individuals to be aware and alert to the needs of the community as a whole, and to be able to respond accordingly.

We do value qualifications and previous experience, but more important to us is passion and dedication in our teachers, as well as an openness and willingness to learn and grow together. We also expect teachers to take their classes seriously, to prepare well beforehand, to reflect on how one can best inspire young people to learn and enjoy learning. Teaching is the noblest profession.

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We also offer opportunities for teaching interns, who have not had any prior teaching experience. We are looking for deserving young people who are intelligent and sensitive. By “intelligent” we mean that you are concerned and aware of the abysmal state of most schooling in India. If you care for children and wish to provide them with an alternative, creative, challenging and enjoyable education, this may well be a meaningful and valuable internship for you.

From 2018 onwards we have reconsidered and restructured this scheme. Young people aged 18 to 28 years who are interested to experience what it is to teach in a non-coercive atmosphere, have joined the Mature Student Programme. The Mature Student Programme normally lasts for 2 years. There is no obligation to join the Teacher Training programme (we prefer the phrase “Teacher Education”); hence a Mature Student after joining, may choose to learn to be a teacher or may prefer to involve him or herself in one of the many other learning or research activities going on at Sholai. He or she may do both.

Since most of the young Mature Students who come to join us have in the past, experienced various pressures, both academic and psychological, we wish to give them the opportunity to unravel those complexities in their minds, to discover a new approach to learning and human relationships in a quiet and sympathetic atmosphere close to nature.

If you are interested to join with us, please download the Application Form (MS), fill it in and email it to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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